Yamaha Motor Corp., USA

SPEC supports various Yamaha product lines and marketing functions from press events to social media marketing and branding. We provide strategic and tactical support, from decades-long thought leadership campaigns to simple one-time projects.

SPEC Communicate

Need to present your product, brand, message to the world (or, maybe just part of it)? A smart and strategic media launch can be a solid tactic. We’ve supported various Yamaha product and initiative launches by creating, coordinating and hosting our own national and global press events and by leveraging consumer and industry trade show opportunities. High level strategy to hands on activation. SPEC’s media relations expertise is deep and dedicated.

SPEC Create

Photo, video, copywriting – We’ve created content for Yamaha’s various public-facing communications channels for years. Now more than ever, our professional production teams collaborating with premier content creators are producing consistent content for social media and content marketing.

SPEC Connect

Engage and activate your community of brand advocates. Launching a new social channel is easy. Building an authentic and engaged community is hard. We work closely with the Yamaha Bicycles team to capture their voice and leverage our expertise to do both.

beCause Marketing

How many agencies do you know that have helped create, launch and grow a decade-long thought leadership program rooted deep in authentic messaging and extending far beyond your typical PR campaign? (Spoiler: We’re one of them.) This is heady, immersive stuff that requires wisdom and dedication along with adaptive thinking and the ability to grow with your customer base. And we don’t just get it, we do it, and we dig it.

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