Inspiring people to have great outdoors experiences

Welcome to SPEC
Strategic, Pragmatic, Effective Communications.
Our mission is to help people have great outdoors experiences, and we strive to achieve this mission each day through storytelling that is entertaining, educational, informative, and influential.

SPEC’s team of professional communicators and outdoors enthusiasts come from consumer brands, PR agencies, and media.

For more than two decades, we’ve experienced the demand for quality PR in the outdoors space, and we’ve also seen a real need for a more efficient, service-oriented agency. So we created SPEC and made a promise to ourselves and to our clients to be professional and passionate about Strategic, Pragmatic, Effective Communications.

What makes us different?

First, we care. Being outside can improve health and happiness. Reconnecting with other people outdoors can build lasting bonds. And the more each of us gets out, the more we all respect and appreciate our natural environment. Combine that with our ability to craft and share a compelling story, and we’ve found a special place where we work and play.

Second, we understand. Our experience in corp comm, consumer PR, and media provides us with a unique perspective that allows us to integrate into your culture and become an extension of your team. We thrive on flexibility and driving strategic visions. We believe in our culture, but we don’t force it on you. We integrate into your work flow and extend your capabilities, and we all benefit from our combined experience to help shape goals and map plans to achieve them.

Finally, we’re curious. Our experience informs our expertise, but our personality feeds our evolution. We love our startup culture, and we thrive in our changing industry. We like origin stories and evolving narratives, because we are storytellers making the most of the ever-changing communication landscape. If this sounds like a fit for you, send us an email and tell us your story. We can help you tell everyone else.

Our Principles:
  • We are solutions providers. Problems happen, but we are thoughtful and bring solutions to the team and to clients when problems arise.
  • We are intrinsically motivated. We value hard work, team work, and shared results. The individual does everything they can for the team, and the team does everything it can for the individual. This leads to success on both levels.
  • We’re interested in media and the business of journalism, marketing, advertising. We’re curious and always seeking out new learning.
  • We’re efficient and aggressive. Our industry moves fast, and our team is lean. We have to be efficient and aggressive to stay ahead.
  • We lead by example. As experts in our field, we share what we know and what we learn. We don’t keep expertise from others to “protect ourselves or our business.” We share our expertise to grow our business.
  • We prioritize spending time outdoors with self, family, friends, nature, colleagues. We know outdoor experiences build bonds between people and with the natural world.
  • We value experiences, and we value real, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships in our profession.
  • We’re respectful. We respect ourselves, each other, and our clients/ partners/media contacts.
  • We’re a value-based business. Our time is valuable, and while our industry standard includes “billable hours,” we do not measure ourselves or each other based on time spent at work. We trust each other to pull their weight for the team, but our worth is not in how many hours we work, it’s in the value of our work product.
  • We’re dedicated to profitability; not for gluttonous financial gain, but because we can’t do any good if we can’t stay in business. Our growth goals are based on a strategy of creating a stable, sustainable business that allows us to constantly learn, innovate, and improve our knowledge and skills, so we can achieve our Vision of being the best PR agency in outdoor recreation.
Our dedication to our mission combined with our passion for storytelling and the outdoors, when informed by our experience, allow us to do things no one else can do.

Our Team

If you’re looking for a fresh perspective, expert counsel, creative direction, and serious work ethic, you’re in the right place.
PR means different things to different people. Let’s figure out what it means to you, and let’s go do it better than you’ve ever done it before.
SPEC combines decades of professional PR experiences with lifetimes of enjoying the outdoors. Our core team is supported by a national network of associates with expertise in photo and video production, media relations, social media, writing and design.
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