Casey Cordeiro


Growing up riding off-road vehicles in the Southern California deserts, Casey’s family and friends knew him as an all-American, off-road loving, adventure kid. While not so much a kid anymore, there is little that has changed since those humble beginnings.

As a graduate from Northern Arizona University with a BA in Exercise Science, Casey looked to tackle the medical world by promoting preventative medicine. However, his love for off-road and photojournalism kept him in a workplace where he is able to incorporate his work into his passion every day, while still encouraging people to live healthy lifestyles.

Marketing and communications work has always been at the core of his work experience, with an emphasis on building connections while simultaneously delivering a brand’s message in new and innovative ways. Before joining the SPEC team, Casey was a photojournalist in the powersports, automotive, and outdoor industries for over a decade, honing his writing skills and covering a multitude of products and topics in the outdoors space. His “as if you were there” writing style allowed him to connect with readers and hopefully inspire many to also get out there and live life to the fullest.

When not planning, organizing, or typing away in the SPEC office, Casey loves getting outside with his fiance, adventure-ready dog (Nala), and his family. Fun fact: Nala has more miles logged in a UTV than most people, including a 7-day, 710 mile UTV adventure ride where her shotgun seat was the best view on the trail. Casey loves the “way out there” adventures, which can include camping trips, paddle board adventures, motorcycle trips, and pretty much anything else outdoors. Last but not least, you’ll probably find him “Living It Up” during a storm chase in the monsoon-filled summer months.

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