Launching new Yamaha e-Bikes!

Yamaha has a couple of awesome new power assist e-Bikes that we’ve been dying to talk about ever since we first heard about them. 

I like to say, as PR professionals, that we don’t tell secrets unless somebody pays us. It’s my “funny” way of agreeing to NDAs when we need to talk top secret when planning to launch new products. 

These new bikes are super rad, and it’s been fun planning for the announcements.  Prepping press materials, having embargoed conversations with top media friends, and planning first rides. 

Planning a strategic, coordinated, communications plan is our jam, and it’s one of the times we really get to go all PR nerdy. 

All of the prep and planning can be a beast of a task, but our team has done it all before and knows how to rally coming into crunch time, meeting deadlines, and exceeding expectations. 

Landing launch coverage across segments is no accident. Magazine covers timed just right, digital features across multiple enthusiast categories, social buzz (organic and paid), all coordinated with website launches and email blasts are all the results of hours, days, weeks, months of planning, prep, and hustle. 

Thanks to our team for another great effort, and can’t wait to see those first ride stories start to drop! 



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