Expanding Reach with Bucket List Activations

Here’s the challenge: Produce an authentic experiential activation that will blow away your top media AND top customers. Throw in a mix of diverse media (endemic and non-endemic) to broaden your reach, and then run the event out of an epic destination custom built for outdoor adventures.

SPEC took this challenge head-on because we live for this stuff, and because our team has both the professional and personal experience to ID killer locations and then activate from start to finish in concert with our client to smash goals and expectations.

We simply had to co-develop an all-new type of event (with our friends at Yamaha) by shifting the primary focus to the experience rather than the product. This can be hard to swallow, but ultimately when the experience delivers, the product shines.

Our challenges:

First, the location had to be bucket list destination level providing nothing short of a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience. The individuals we’re going to invite are veteran travelers and adventure seekers. To impress these folks, we had to find something special.

Next, incorporate a ride-in, ride-out experience. Authentic can’t be manufactured, so we needed a spot that was truly built for this.

Finally, the trails and experience had to be amazing. We needed jaw-dropping vistas and Instagram worthy assets to inspire the people in the seat as well as the millions who would get to experience this second-hand in stories and on social media for years to come.

To pull this event off, we found the perfect resort in Gateway, Colorado, providing comfortable accommodations and immediate access to epic trails in multiple directions. Uniquely, these trails are some of the best on the east side of Moab and in the La Sal mountain, with both destinations offering diverse and completely unique scenery from the other.

While the stellar accommodations, gourmet food, and an incredible location provided ample bait for our diverse group of media members – like Robb Report, Car & Driver, Tread Magazine, Outdoor Life, Dirt Trax TV, and UTV Driver – the OHV trails really put the entire event over the top. At this point, the design was simple: Enjoy one day of red rock canyons and trails in the Northern section of the Moab area, and then a second day of riding high up in the La Sal mountains. Both of these are special rides, but combined, they made for that once-in-a-lifetime experience we required.

The plan was set, and our experienced teams (including our partners at Yamaha) crushed it onsite. The resulting coverage, and stories from our attending media friends as well as Yamaha customers will be shared for years.

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