Empowering the Pedal to Empower

We love to roll up our sleeves and engage in long-term visioning and in-depth planning, but sometimes our clients just need an old-fashioned full-court press to achieve their goals. Such was the case when World Bicycle Relief invited us to help with its second annual Pedal to Empower global activation. We jumped in just weeks before event day to spread awareness and help WBR achieve its fundraising goals. Our task was to tell the story of World Bicycle Relief and Pedal to Empower to both endemic and mainstream audiences – and to get coverage quickly. Ultimately, we rose to the challenge and garnered media outreach of at least 14,990,266 viewers prior to the event, and an additional 121,216,731 viewers afterwards, with a combined advertising equivalency of $1.26 million. Our staff also contributed to the fundraising effort by participating in the Pedal to Empower on June 6th.

The next Pedal to Empower is coming up June 3-5, 2022. Ride with us!

We even got the families involved!


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