About SPEC

Helping good companies communicate better is our mission.

Accurate, honest communication can solve complicated problems, build loyalties among employees and customers, bring clarity to a confusing situation, diffuse a crisis, and define a brand.

Let’s face it – Public Relations is a necessary evil; one that nobody really appreciates (until they think they need it) or understands.


(Getting media to pay attention to a brand or story is just one variable in a complicated equation). Consequently, it’s easy to be dismissive about it.  But ponder this:

Create & Grow an Audience

Today, it is possible for ANYONE (Friends and Foes) to create and grow an audience.  READ: Serious implications for brands and issues.

PR is a conduit

PR, at its core, serves as a conduit between companies and audiences.

Crazy Good at What We Do

Therefore, it has never been more important than now to be crazy good at what we do.


Perhaps the most overused, least executed word in industry today, every firm claims to be strategic.  Problem being, few actually are and fewer deliver. Here’s what we consider to be strategic.

  • Companies that value directed, intentional and productive relationships with their audiences and commit to communication principles that facilitate those relationships.
  • Communications that map to business goals – otherwise, what’s the point?

That’s it.  Sure, we can put more words to this – but we prefer to show you the work.


Flash mobs and press conferences are great attention-getters and, sure, we’ve got a bunch of experience throwing the occasional frenzied fiesta with accompanying Twitter party.  But in 50+ years of work in this field, we can tell you that creating a thoughtful dialogue with a few of the right people (targets and influencers) can be hella-more effective (and budget-friendly) in achieving your brand’s business goals.  That’s why we embrace pragmatism.  It isn’t about boring. It’s about focus, priority and getting the job done.  Effective communication that is elegant, compelling and impactful as all get out.   Like it?  Then let’s talk.