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SPEC PR’s Search Engine Optimization Strategy is NOT for All Companies.

Our team is dedicated to our clients and we strive to assist everyone that wants to tap into our expertise. However, to keep quality and results extremely high, we select the clients we team up with very carefully based on particular, but reasonable criteria that needs to bet before the onboarding process. We limit the amount of businesses we work with at any particular time to guarantee maximum consideration for their individual successes. Simply put, we keep things tight so we ensure your success.

SPEC PR works with business owners who are:

1. Active and in a position to grow: We’re looking to work with companies that are currently making their dent in the marketplace, but want to up the pace and work to crush it and last faster. We do not work with: “Let’s Get Rich Quick Nonsense”, unsavory topics or startups. For startups, it’s not time for SEO, it’s time for brand building and a solid communications plan.

2. Have customers and potential leads coming in: All this means is that you’re making sales and have consistent traffic coming in. You’re marketing, maybe your running or thinking about running ads and you’re actively selling your services. It’s not that you have to be an established brand that everyone knows just yet, but you have to be making moves in the market.

3. Have a respectable reputation and product: Simply put, we don’t partner with products that we can’t stand behind and be proud to support. Everything we do will be aimed at delivering you additional sales and revenue, but we’ll strive to carrying it out in a way that delivers IMMENSE goodwill in your industry.

That’s it in a nutshell.

If you, your business and service/product meet the above, then we’d love for you to reach out to us personally regarding getting HUGE results, then we will graciously put a plan in place for you. Here are next steps: First, please fill out the discovery form below.

Not to worry, the form is simple and low-key. The point of the form is to give us an idea of what you’re selling, figure out want you want to achieve, and so on. Then, we’ll get the entire team together to review your goals, your offerings, etc… and we’ll prepare and deliver a custom plan of attack to grow your bottom line. Your initial call will be between 45 and 60 minutes.

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